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Discmania Majesty - Active Premium Glow (MBox)

Discmania Majesty - Active Premium Glow (MBox)

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The Majesty is a high speed driver with an understable-stable flight characteristic. For true high distance throwers, this disc will exhibit long flowing S curves and finish with a consistent fade. Throwers with lighter power will find this disc to be more overstable when thrown flat. These disc are great for tail wind drives where consistent long distance is key.

2022 Mystery Box: A unique stamp from the Discmania 2022 Mystery Box.

Active Premium Glow: Active premium plastic is much more durable than it’s base line counterparts. Mold profiles will remain the same while the higher end productions such as this one will naturally be more overstable in flight and provide a longer life in your bag, able to resist months or even years of every day wear and tear out on the course.


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