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Discmania Origin - Meta Midnight Prowl II

Discmania Origin - Meta Midnight Prowl II

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The Origin is a straight-stable mid range driver known as the "Smooth Operator". This is the kind of disc that flows through the air flying with just a touch of turn and fade. This disc is a great compliment to the origin in other plastics thanks to its increased stability and low wear characteristic. Meaning that it will hold its higher stability for longer.

The Origin is a small diameter midrange with big potential: it's great for huge turnover shots or precise laser straight lines when thrown with a controlled arm speed. It finds its home in tailwinds, tight fairways or calm conditions, where accuracy and placement will make all the difference. This disc is great for all skill levels!

Kyle Klein Signature Series. A portion of this disc purchase goes to support Kyle Klein in his touring efforts.

Meta Plastic: An iridescent premium plastic with higher torque resistance and durability than Neo or Lux. Tends to be slightly more stable.


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