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Discmania P1 - D-Line Flex 2

Discmania P1 - D-Line Flex 2

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P1 Pro Putter in D-Line Flex 2 Plastic

Do you love the P2 but wish it was just a little bit straighter? The P1 is back and retooled into something wonderful. This is a super straight putter with a minimal fade. It's a great putter for throwing or for putting in the circle. 

Feel: Slightly shallower than the P2. That same slightly flexible plastic with a tacky grippy feel in all weather conditions. 

Best for: This is your main putting putter. It's also great at straight flights off the tee, wooded tunnel lines, and flip up to anhyzer approaches. 

Note: Base plastic does show minor signs of scuffing from shipping to the shop.

D-Line Flex 2 Plastic: The medium stiffness base plastic that has excellent grip for everyone.


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