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Discmania P2 - S-Line Geometric Eagle

Discmania P2 - S-Line Geometric Eagle

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2023 Geo Metro: This new Eagle McMahon stamp is his face. What better way to ring up putts by reminding yourself of how the pros do it?

This is it: the new, reinvented, Discmania Originals P2 Pro Putter. This new P2 has the wonderful straight-to-stable flight path as the earlier runs, but with a unique texture for the ultimate grip of any baseline plastic. This disc is a stunner for accurate short approaches and fade in throws from outside circle. Its stability is enough to fight headwinds in any condition. Reach for the P2 when it's wet, dry, or as your go to confidence boosting putter.

S-Line Plastic: A premium plastic best for grip in all weather conditions, with excellent durability and bright color. Beats in ever-so-slightly quicker than C-Line.


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