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Discmania Paradigm - Lux Vapor Halloween

Discmania Paradigm - Lux Vapor Halloween

12 6 -1.5 2
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Halloween 2023 Zombie Gremlin Stamp

The Paradigm is a BIG DISTANCE driver that will help lower power players achieve huge swooping s-curve lines. Despite being such a high distance and glide, the Paradigm is actually quite shallow making for a comfortable hand feel. The disc is designed to unlock your maximum distance potential with its tremendous glide and some high speed turn. The Paradigm also features a reliable low speed fade, which enables you to trust the flight of the disc even when throwing it with some anhyzer. This driver is overall extremely versatile and it can execute a wide variety of different distance lines.

Lux Plastic: A solid swirly premium plastic with outstanding grip in all weather conditions. Lux plastic is durable and holds its flight characteristics quite quite a long time.


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