Discmania PD - C-Line Lone Howl III

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Speed: 10 / Glide: 4 / Turn: 0 / Fade: 3

Shiny Metal Flakes. Extra Sparkle! A triad of wolves bark at each other. HOWL! Colten Montgomery’s Lone Howl returns for a 3rd run. The wolves pictured on this design pay tribute to the original version released back in 2019. This is the first ever PD released in Discmania's new metal flake plastic and it did not disappoint! Flat and durable with grippy C-Line plastic to give it that extra “bite”.

The PD is a Power Driver designed for advanced and pro players. People with high arm speeds will find this a go-to driver for all conditions thanks to the difficulty in turning it over. Players with low arm speed will find it useful in strong headwinds and as a scramble disc where fade is a necessity. This is a truly overstable distance driver and an excellent choice for forehand or backhand drives. 

Metal Flake C-Line Plastic: A stiffer premium plastic, albeit slightly softer feeling grip than regular C-line. Beats in quite slow. If you like how they fly out of the box, they should maintain that flight for a good while.