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Discmania Rainmaker - D-Line Flex 3 Glow

Discmania Rainmaker - D-Line Flex 3 Glow

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Recently reinvented by Eagle McMahon himself, this is the creator series D-Line Rainmaker Flex 3 Glow. This is very similar to a Discmania P2, with some modification to suit Eagle's play style, including a slightly beveled edge and a straighter flight path. Eagle primarily uses this disc as his putting putter, but it will go straight and far with plenty of glide as well. The slightly lower profile feels great in hand, and works well for both spin and push putters.

Creator Series goes to support Eagle's touring efforts. The Rainmaker is a Creator Series mould, meaning it’s reserved exclusively for Eagle McMahon releases.

Discmania thought they’d add a splash of color to this next release. Find your favorite putter available in multiple color varieties to brighten up the day or night for any round.

The Rainmaker ages like a fine wine in the sense that the more you use it, the better it’s going to feel. The plastic gets grippier over time, the edges with small notches and dings from play begin to smooth out and create an even more comfortable feel with each putt you take (and hopefully make).

Please Note: According to customer feedback these discs do not glow very bright.

D-Line Flex 3 Glow Plastic: This is a firmer base plastic with a bit less flex, inspiring confidence for those who like harder putters. Plus there's a touch of Glow!


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