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Discmania Sky Walker - Horizon S-Line FD1 Casey White

Discmania Sky Walker - Horizon S-Line FD1 Casey White

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Casey White Limited Edition Skywalker: This is the special limited edition Horizon FD1. This signature disc adds a splash of colour. Compared to the C-Line FD1, this disc will resemble more of an FD2 in terms of its flight, but they're not a direct comparison. This disc should go a touch straighter with less effort, have a bit more glide and features that exquisite grip of S-Line Horizon plastic. This pairs perfectly with a C-Line FD1 to have two discs that feel the same in hand but have a little bit different flight.

Note: these discs scaled 1-2 grams heavier than they were stamped.

The Discmania FD1 is a fairway driver in Discmania's Reinvented lineup: it features a dependable stable flight and a touch less glide. That means the FD1 holds up better to head winds and tends to shape shots exactly as intended. The profile of the FD1 is neither board flat nor super domey, making it the perfect neutral profile for a good grip in all hands. For power players, the FD1 will make a great flip up and ride disc since it has such a high tolerance for speed and torque. At high powers, this disc will go straight and have a touch of flex, while lower power players will appreciate the headwind resistance.

Horizon S-Line Plastic: Bright colours with a contrasting rim swirl. Super grippy, super durable and super beautiful.


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