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Discmania Vanguard - Horizon S-Line Kyle Klein

Discmania Vanguard - Horizon S-Line Kyle Klein

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Creator Series Special Edition Vanguard - 2023 USDGC Champion

Celebrate Kyle's 2023 USDGC win with this limited edition Vanguard with a rich black flight plate and a sparkling gold rim.

Kyle Klein Signature Series

The Vanguard is a masterpiece mix, blending distance, reliability and maneuverability. It showcases the best parts of the new Discmania fairway lineup. The blunt nose resembles an FD1 or FD3, but there is a smooth margin on the edge and rim molding, which allows it to sit more comfortably in the hand.

Throw the Vanguard with force and rely on it when you most need it: wind, rain or sleet, with S-Line's amazing grip, any weather condition is on a rope. When thrown with force, the Vanguard should fly dead straight and fade out at a moderate pace. With steeper angles, huge hyzer shots can be easily executed.

Horizon S-Line Plastic: Bright colours with a contrasting rim swirl. Super grippy, super durable and super beautiful.


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