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Discraft Captain's Raptor - Jawbreaker Z FLX Paul Ulibarri

Discraft Captain's Raptor - Jawbreaker Z FLX Paul Ulibarri

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2023 Paul Ulibarri Limited Edition: Celebrating the spirit and dedication of Discraft's co-captain the Uli. This JB Flex Z plastic blend has the durability of Z with even better grip and a super unique colour splatter.

The Captain's Raptor is the go to super overstable fairway driver. This is an excellent driver for throwing straight into a headwind. Mid power players will find it flies straight with a hard fade, while power players can use it as a flex disc with reliable return. With virtually no turn and all fade, the Captain's Raptor is the king of flex forehand shots and stunning anhyzer force throws that'll always find their way back to where they belong.

Jawbreaker Z FLX Plastic: The primo top tier transparent plastic, now with more flexibility for added grip. This stunning plastic has coloured jawbreaker swirls.


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