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Discraft Cicada - ESP

Discraft Cicada - ESP

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The Cicada is the newest straight flying fairway driver with a ton of glide and slight turn and fade. It will follow any line it is thrown on, and is useful for long flat throws through the woods. When accuracy for long straight upshots is needed, the Cicada will only hit the trees that you subconsciously aimed for!

Our feedback with the test flight Cicadas: It flies like a longer, glidier Buzzz, with just a hint of turn and fade mid flight. Thrown on an Anhyzer and it will follow that line and only fight out of it a bit. Thrown on a hyzer, it will have a small flip up, glide and a subtle fade. This is a great driver for players of all ability levels.

ESP Plastic: The top tier plastic with slight flexibility, vibrant colors and excellent grip. The durability is class leading too!

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