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Divergent Alpas - StayPut

Divergent Alpas - StayPut

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The Divergent Discs Alpas is a very unique putt and approach disc in a floppy rubber blend called "StayPut". This disc is supposed to land and Stay Put wherever it ends up. It can be used as an understable approach disc as it is extremely flippy, which can help navigate super tight fairways. Or, it can be used as a putter for players who like a shallow rim and flat disc profile. This is a great special situation disc for experienced players, or a neat disc for new players to try putting with!

Stayput Rubber Blend: A floppy bendy flexible blend that kinda feels like an eraser. It's super grippy and tacky, and when the disc hits the ground it tends to "thunk" in place and stick wherever it lands. This disc is extremely floppy! If it warps, warm it up and bend it back.


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