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Divergent Wyrm - StayPut

Divergent Wyrm - StayPut

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The Divergent Discs Wyrm is a super overstable control driver in Stayput Rubber blend. That means it's both soft, grippy and super beefy. This is the kind of disc that does not have a lot of glide and will seek the ground right out of your hand. That makes it incredible for scramble shots with small landing zones, where you need the disc to hit and stay. Compared to hard plastic this disc does not like to skip.

Despite being a soft flexible rubber blend it is also quite torque resistant. That makes it good for both forehand and backhand players alike. 

This disc is currently NOT PDGA approved.

Eastern Dragon Stamp

Stayput Rubber Blend: A floppy bendy flexible blend that kinda feels like an eraser. It's super grippy and tacky, and when the disc hits the ground it tends to "thunk" in place and stick wherever it lands. This disc is extremely floppy! If it warps, warm it up and bend it back.


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