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Hive Glow Vinyl Stickers

Hive Glow Vinyl Stickers

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Reusable Firefly glow vinyl stickers that are perfect to add to your non-glow discs and light up the night. These stickers are designed by MVP to mimic their Eclipse 2.0 glow discs (see our comparison below) in terms of longevity and brightness. Slap these on to your favorite discs and use them at night when combined with a UV torch!

Stickers are NOT PDGA APPROVED however these stickers are removeable and reusable a number of times so long as you don't get dirt or water on the sticker side surface.

If you have any discs from any brand that you absolutely love and are not available in glow, these sticker sheets are a great addition to your glow bag.

One sheet includes:

  • 46 stickers per sheet
  • 23 small hexagons
  • 23 hexagon rings
  • Re-attachable
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