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Infinite Anubis - i-Blend X-Out

Infinite Anubis - i-Blend X-Out

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The Anubis is the quintessential straight flying midrange. With a touch of turn and barely any fade once beat in, this disc is one of the straightest in the bag. Yet, if you throw it on an anhyzer or hyzer line it should hold that flight path too. A similar mold to the famous Innova Mako3, Infinite's Anubis is that straight flight that will thread tight tree gaps and land exactly where expected. Plus, the high amount of glide ensures a long flight to reach far, straight distances that were once only possible in dreams.

X-Out Factory 2nd: Discs with minor cosmetic issues that do not effect flight, sold at a discounted price.

i-Blend: A pro blend of plastic that is slightly gummier than S-blend and adds some grippy characteristics.


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