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Infinite Conqueror - Swirly S-Blend

Infinite Conqueror - Swirly S-Blend

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James Proctor Tour Series Snarling Bear Stamp

The Conqueror will Conqueror the fairway. Wind is no problem. A storm is no problem. A freaking hurricane - well, that'll probably be a problem. Not for this disc, but for other reasons, like falling tree branches and insane rain. Anyways, the Conqueror is the disc you reach for when all else fails. If you're a beefcake, far throwing player who needs a disc that won't turn over, this is the disc for you. If you're a newer player that often has a horrible headwind on one of your drives, this is that specific disc that will always fade out.

This mold is similar to the original Innova-made PD2.

Swirly S-Blend: A Star-Blend Plastic with softer grip, slight flexibility and a mix of color swirls.


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