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Infinite Discs Easy Bag

Infinite Discs Easy Bag

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This is the most basic bag in our disc golf lineup.

So you wanna carry your discs and you're done with using that reusable shopping bag. But here's the problem. Discs bags cost ACTUAL MONEY.

Well, the Infinite Discs Easy Bag is here, and it costs less than a meal out (at a fast food restaurant, no less). This bag is small, it carries discs and not much else. There's a zipper pocket for some trinkets, and maybe a medium size phone.

Water bottle holder? Nah, mate, you're trying to pack light. Who needs a water bottle.

Bag Features:

  • Carries about 8 discs
  • There are two snap positions for "many discs" or "some discs"
  • There is one zipper pocket for small items
  • Made from actually decent materials

Weight unloaded: 200g approximate

*Discs are not included. Please pack water when you play disc golf.

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