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Infinite Scepter - Halo S-Blend X-Out

Infinite Scepter - Halo S-Blend X-Out

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The Scepter, which I kept mis-spelling as "Sceptor", is an overstable control driver from Infinite Discs. With a Speed 9, the rim is a little bit smaller than some "Power Drivers" but the disc still manages to slice its way down the fairway and carve through trees. Throw a big anhyzer and watch it magically fight out even in headwind. Reach for the Scepter when you need a dramatic end fade that happens every time.

X-Out Factory 2nd: Discs with minor cosmetic issues that do not effect flight, sold at a discounted price.

Halo S-Blend: A Star-Blend Plastic with softer grip, slight flexibility and a colorful rim.


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