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Infinite Slab - Halo S-Blend

Infinite Slab - Halo S-Blend

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Slab of beef!

Slab of concrete!

Slab of slabs!

Any way you describe the slab, it sounds beefy. And "Beefy" is the best way to describe this disc by far. It's a super overstable distance driver for advanced players. Those with high arm speeds will find this makes an excellent scramble disc because it refuses to glide and it dumps out hard early in the throw. It's a high speed meathook, and to get the most out of it you'll need a very powerful arm. If you want to throw overhand, tomahawks, this disc is pretty great too.

This disc is very flat and extremely OS.

Halo S-Blend: A star-type plastic with contrasting colour rim. Good wear profile and great grip.


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