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Infinite Sphinx - Halo S-Blend Anthony Bodanza

Infinite Sphinx - Halo S-Blend Anthony Bodanza

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Anthony Bodanza 2024 Tour Series

The Sphinx is an understable driver perfect for lower arm speed players who want to achieve the maximum distance. The Sphinx is a great mix of control and distance driver, offering enough turn that new players will find it highly manageable and just a touch of fade for that reliability. For players with big arms, this will be a roller disc or great for sky anhyzers. This is like a "beefed up leopard" or more akin to a sidewinder, but with cool plastic and unique stamps. Reach for the Sphynx to amp up your game, to learn hyzer flip drives, or when you want a straight shot down the fairway.

Halo S-Blend: A Star-Blend Plastic with softer grip, slight flexibility and a contrasting color rim.


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