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Innova Aviar - Halo Star

Innova Aviar - Halo Star

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The Aviar is the quintessential putting putter that many have attempted to duplicate, but few have succeeded. This putter remains one of the most popular putters available thanks to its straight flight profile. When thrown it will resist some turn over to fly nice and straight, and fade out ever so slightly at the end. When putting, it can take spin, spush, push or hyzer putts for true versatility. The Avaiar is the go-to putter if you don't know what else to try as it feels smooth and neutral in the hand.

In Halo Star plastic this disc is slightly more stable, beats in much slower and is best suited for throwing.

Halo Star Plastic: Tip top plastic with a contrasting rim swirl. Halo Star has excellent grip and durability, and looks fantastic to boot.


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