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Innova Boss - Champion (F2)

Innova Boss - Champion (F2)

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The Boss is a longer Destroyer. Can you out throw the Destroyer? Can you REALLY out throw the Destroyer?? Or does your course have a terrible case of the "Every Throw is a Headwind Throw"? Then the Boss is the disc for you.

The Boss is not recommended for beginners. This disc broke the Distance World Record of 338 Meters thrown by David Wiggins Jr. It's a great choice for huge flex shots in both forehand and backhand. With a slight high speed turn and predictable fade, the Boss is likely to become a favourite of power players for getting as far as possible, with consistency.

X-Out Factory 2nd: Discs with minor cosmetic issues that do not effect flight, sold at a discounted price.

Champion Plastic: Bright colours and minimal wear, Champion plastic retains its initial flight path longer than other premium plastics.


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