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Innova Leopard3 - Halo Star

Innova Leopard3 - Halo Star

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The Leopard 3 is the slightly faster version of the original Leopard, a speed 7 instead of a speed 6. This makes it a great disc for players who have a touch more arm speed, especially those who are newer and don't know where to start out. It is a must-have in every beginners bag. The lower speed and understable characteristic makes it exceptionally easy to throw. Grow into this disc and learn to throw flat and far. Useful for long straight shots, gentle hyzers and turnover shots. Advanced players can use this as a roller disc.

Available in light weights for lower arm speed players.

Halo Star Plastic: Tip top plastic with a contrasting rim swirl. Halo Star has excellent grip and durability, and looks fantastic to boot.


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