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Innova Premium Beginners Disc Golf Set

Innova Premium Beginners Disc Golf Set

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This Innova starter disc golf set includes everything needed to get started with disc golf. We build these sets in-house to offer the best value for beginners who want to start with easy to throw premium plastic discs. Each set includes two premium plastic discs and one base plastic putter. We recommend this set for new players who want discs that will last even after hitting trees. Driver and Mid are typically Champion plastic, and putter is DX. These are full weight discs and may not be suitable for young children.

Set includes:

  • 1x Fairway Driver - Typically Leopard, Sidewinder
  • 1x Midrange - Mako 3, Roc 3 or similar
  • 1x Putter - Aviar

If you tell us your favourite colours in the Order Notes, we'll do our best! Please note that these starter sets do not include retail packaging.

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