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Innova Teebird3 - Champion Metal Flake

Innova Teebird3 - Champion Metal Flake

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The Teebird3 is the disc to buy when it comes to accuracy and reliability. This disc has the combination of straight flight, superior glide and enough speed that it should hold its line for most players. It's a super choice for headwind placement shots where accuracy is the uttmost importance.

The Teebird3 adds a touch more speed over the Teebird, with a slightly different rim feel which is fantastic for sidearm players. This disc is a must have for new players who want to experience an overstable fairway driver that is perfectly throwable, or for power players who want something that goes straight with that reliable fade.

Champion MF Plastic: Bright colours and minimal wear, Champion plastic retains its initial flight path longer than other premium plastics. Now with more Metal Flake!


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