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Innova Thunderbird - Halo Star

Innova Thunderbird - Halo Star

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The Thunderbird is the disc that throwers reach for when they want the speed of a Valkyrie with the stability of a TeeBird. It's more of a seasoned Firebird: slightly less fade overall, and more straight flying. Higher level players appreciate the shot shaping ability of this driver while less powerful throwers will enjoy how consistent it is especially in the wind. The Innova Thunderbird is perfect for distance drives and approach shots, making it an essential disc for any player's bag. Its reliable performance will help you shape your shot for maximum accuracy.

Please Note: Innova discs often scale 1-3 grams different than penned weight.

Halo Star Plastic: Tip top plastic with a contrasting rim swirl. Halo Star has excellent grip and durability, and looks fantastic to boot


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