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Kastaplast Grym - K1 Glow Moomin

Kastaplast Grym - K1 Glow Moomin

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K1 Glow 2022 Moomin Edition

"Perhaps they like to have a place where they feel at home and can rest a little and meet friends" - From the Book Finn Family Moomintroll

The Gyrm is a BIG DISTANCE driver. With a bunch of turn and fade, this disc is excellent for shaping shots that need to go far down the fairway. The Grym is a go-to workhorse type driver as slower arm speed players will find it stable yet still manageable and higher arm speed players will be able to chuck huge flex lines and even push the disc more substantially right. This is a great turnover glide driver too!

The Gyrm is Swedish for Cruel and Awesome.

K1 Glow Plastic: Bright, long lasting and durable. That's the K1 Glow Difference!


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