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Kastaplast Grym X - K1 Soft

Kastaplast Grym X - K1 Soft

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The Gyrm X is a BIG DISTANCE driver. With a bit of turn and a notable fade, this disc is excellent for shaping shots that need to go far down the fairway. The Grym X is a go-to workhorse type driver as slower arm speed players will find it stable for nasty headwinds and higher arm speed players will be able to chuck huge flex lines. At high power this disc will flip a bit before fading out consistently. It takes a bit less than the regular Grym to throw it right, and will end up a touch more stable.

The Gyrm is Swedish for Cruel and Awesome.

K1 Soft Plastic: An even gummier and softer feeling version of Kastaplast's renown K1, for added grip and less ground skip.


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