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Kastaplast Kaxe - K1 Soft Moomin

Kastaplast Kaxe - K1 Soft Moomin

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Moomin Artwork Series: Sniff

K1 Soft Plastic

The Kaxe is a stable fairway driver with predictable fade that should be useful in many situations:

  • Headwind drives
  • Tight corners
  • Accurate placement shots
  • Vacuuming your house
  • Mowing your lawn

See! It's useful in almost every situation. Well, ok, some of those are exaggerated, and it's mostly useful for disc golf things. On a right hand, back hand throw this disc should go straight and then fade moderately hard. But still it should remain controllable even for newer players. This is what we'd call a "workhorse" driver, if your horse was a flat piece of plastic meant for throwing.


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