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Latitude 64 Ballista - Opto Ice Orbit

Latitude 64 Ballista - Opto Ice Orbit

14 5 -1 3
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Holy Moly, the Ballista is a BOMBER disc. As a speed 14, this disc has among the widest rims that are PDGA approved, so it feels like beef and it absolutely is beef. Despite being a monstrosity, there is a touch of turn, making this disc have a dependable flight path. It will be exceptionally overstable for slower arm speeds, while power players will find it one of their furthest flying discs to get amazing distance swooping shots on open holes.

Opto Ice Orbit Plastic: A stiffer semi-transparent premium plastic with vibrant colour and a high durability. Many players prefer VIP for throwing versus a base plastic. Orbit adds a swirly rim in a contrasting colour.


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