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Latitude 64 Saint Pro - Gold Orbit Kristin Tattar

Latitude 64 Saint Pro - Gold Orbit Kristin Tattar

8 5 -0.5 2
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The Saint Pro is the quintessential slightly-stable fairway driver. It's the bigger brother to the original Saint with a touch extra stability but retains the turn. This disc is controllable and throwable in all conditions for almost every player. This is a go-to driver for accuracy and placement or straight down the fairway. Forehand or backhand, it can take it all, and has a bunch of glide to boot!

Kristin Tattar Tour Series: The stunning wolf stamp helped Kristin become the 2022 Disc Golf Wolf Champion! Err- I mean, World Champion. Anyways, buying this disc helps support her tour!

Gold Orbit Plastic: A stunning premium plastic with excellent grip and decent wear, seasoning to a very usable disc.


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