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Lone Star Brazos - Bravo Ride the Rocket

Lone Star Brazos - Bravo Ride the Rocket

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Brazos - a renown course and now a renown fairway driver. This is a straight to stable fairway driver that'll have a good amount of fade at lower arm speeds, but fly straight and hardly turn for bigger arms. It's got enough stability to resist flipping even in modestly windy conditions.

The Brazos is similar to a Teebird, and designed to be the slightly more stable counterpart to the Lone Star Frio.

Ride the Rocket Cowboy Stamp! This limited edition stamp features a rockin' cowboy riding a coin operated rocket. To the moon? To mars? To birdies and pars? Your imagination can run wild.

Lone Star Bravo Plastic: a nicely flexy premium plastic with excellent grip that tends to stick where it lands.


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