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Mint Phoenix - Eternal DFX 'Kraken Hulls'

Mint Phoenix - Eternal DFX 'Kraken Hulls'

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Kraken Hulls stamp from DFX 2022

This is a multi-foil double sided stamp with a tranquil water scene on one side, but lurking underneath in the darkness, the Kraken! Rated 9/10 for storage wear. This is one of the first two sided stamps taking advantage of both sides of the disc for a "3D effect". This disc ships in a box.

Mint has brought the beef with the Phoenix. Ready to rise from the ashes of your worst lie, the Phoenix will burn its way down the fairway and place you exactly where you need to be to get things back on track. If your prior shot was a little off (with another, lesser disc), the Phoenix will reborn your game with a hard fade needed to get out of tight positions. And what about wind? It'll be as if the wind is not even there. Rollers work great too!

This is one of Mint's most overstable offerings.


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