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MVP Deflector - Proton Soft OTB

MVP Deflector - Proton Soft OTB

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OTB Open Wave 2 Limited Edition: OTB is back, dropping discs with style. These discs come in unique plastic blends that may only be found in this release. By buying these discs you are supporting the OTB Open on the PDGA Tour!

OTB Open 2023

The Deflector is an exceptionally overstable midrange that is here to combat headwinds and produce super powerful flights in all conditions. The Deflector has a flat top, a slower speed, and a hard fade at lower throwing power. 

Higher power throwers will find the deflector flies straight before pinning towards the ground hard and reliable.

Proton Soft Plastic: Proton is a transparent core plastic, with super high durability. In Special Blend Proton Soft plastics, the disc has the durability and transparency of Proton, but the grip of a softer premium plastic. It is not quite as OS as regular proton.


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