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MVP Orbital - Eclipse 2.0 (OTB Open 2024) (Pre-Order)

MVP Orbital - Eclipse 2.0 (OTB Open 2024) (Pre-Order)

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Pre-Order: Release Date May 15th

Please leave your weight/colour preferences and we'll do our best. Note: any discs ordered with pre-orders will ship together on release date.


2024 OTB Open Exclusive Release

Shroom Ship Stamp

Release date to be determined.


The Orbital is an extremely understable distance driver that is great for huge flip up lines or nearly endless rollers. Beginner players will find this to be an excellent first high speed driver while advanced players will use it to shape lines and use the sky. This disc is a great tool to have in anyone's bag.

Eclipse 2.0 Glow Plastic: Widely regarded as some of the brightest and long lasting glow on the planet, Eclipse 2.0 plastic is great for day or night play.


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