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MVP Resistor - Eclipse 2.0

MVP Resistor - Eclipse 2.0

6 4 0 3.5
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The Resistor is an exceptionally overstable disc straddling the line between fairway and mid-range. Similar to the Crave it has the lower profile of a fairway, but unlike the crave it is super chonk beef. The Resistor is here to combat headwinds and produce super powerful flights in all conditions. The Resistor has a flat top, a moderate speed, and a hard fade at lower throwing power. 

Higher power throwers will find the resistor flies straight before dumping towards the ground hard and reliable fade.

Eclipse 2.0 Glow Plastic: Widely regarded as some of the brightest and long lasting glow on the planet, Eclipse 2.0 plastic is great for day or night play. It's a bit slicker than Neutron but still maintains grip better than other glow plastics when wet. 


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