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MVP Watt - Neutron Tour Dreams

MVP Watt - Neutron Tour Dreams

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Limited Edition "Tour Dreams" Stamp

Are you ready to embark on a dream disc golf journey? Get ready for the ultimate disc golf experience, putting yourself in the grassy fairways of renowned courses with the sun on your face and the wind carrying your disc to the perfect lie. Art by: Sue Ula


MVP's latest entry to their putter series puts the capital G in Glide. For a max-weight putter, the Watt is glidey as heck!

The Watt is a deep profile putter that holds whatever line it is thrown on, with a slight turn and tiny reliable fade. That means it is workable for straight putts and approaches, beautiful turnovers at higher power and even some solid hyzer lines. Those looking for a deep MVP putter will appreciate the extra grip the depth provides.

Neutron Plastic: Premium plastic with bright colors, slow wear and a softer feeling grip.


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