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MVP Zenith - Neutron Special Edition Twisty James

MVP Zenith - Neutron Special Edition Twisty James

11 5 -0.5 2
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Twisted James SE! The follow-up to the famous "Bendy James" Volt, we now present Twisty James! He's more radical than ever.

The Zenith is an overstable yet workable distance driver that is the next addition to James Conrad's personal line of discs. Designed to fly far and have reliable stability, the Zenith is great for power players but lower arm speed individuals will come to rely on its consistent fade and headwind performance. 

  • This disc should fly flat and far and then stable up at the end of its flight since it does have some subtle early turn.
  • It'll be a meathook and great scramble disc for lower power players

Neutron Plastic: an opaque premium plastic with high durability and decent grip in most weather conditions. A bit softer than the transparent premium plastics.


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