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Prodigy A2 - 400 Glimmer Vaino Makela

Prodigy A2 - 400 Glimmer Vaino Makela

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Vaino Makela 2024 Signature Series Limited Edition

This limited edition Postage Stamp Duck Skeleton design helps support Vaino on his 2024 tour.

The Prodigy A2 is a reliable utility disc for power throwers. It is quite overstable, which makes it perfect for short challenging shots and high wind approach shots. It's very difficult to turn over even on an overtorqued forehand throw. Plus, the extra glide means it provides 30-40 extra feet of distance A1, its beadless cousin. It's consistent in all wind conditions, making it an ideal choice for competitive disc golf.

400 Glimmer Plastic: A transparent durable blend of premium plastic that has good grip even in the wet. Glimmer adds metal flake for that extra sparkle!


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