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Prodigy FX-2 - 400 Glow Ezra Robinson 2024

Prodigy FX-2 - 400 Glow Ezra Robinson 2024

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Ezra Robinson 2024 Signature Series Limited Edition

This limited edition Postage Stamp Fixed Wing plane design helps support Ezra on his 2024 tour.

The Prodigy FX2 is a stable fairway driver that packs a punch - manageable speed meets superb stability for a disc that can be thrown by all players, but flipped up by few. It's comfortable for backhands and forehands, especially when thrown hard, fast and flat. Anhyzer it for a medium finish or hyzer it and watch it follow that line to fall in a beautiful arc.

400 Glow Plastic: A transparent durable blend of premium plastic that has good grip even in the wet. It even glows!


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