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Prodigy PA-2 - 500 Spectrum Manabu Kajiyama

Prodigy PA-2 - 500 Spectrum Manabu Kajiyama

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Manabu Kajiyama - Ace of Discs 2023 Signature Edition

The Ace of Discs stamp features a Three Legged Crow Ace playing card design (wait, a bird ace, does that mean the Ace was on a par 2 hole?)

The PA2 is designed for straight to stable putter shots. The slight overstability means that this disc is reliable for windy conditions. Reach for the PA-2 whenever you would throw a putter, whether that's off the teebox, for an approach, or for your next win.

500 Spectrum Plastic: Premium Made in the USA plastic with the perfect balance of flex and firmness, and a beautiful swirly pearly finish.


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