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Prodigy PX-3 - 300 Fractal Aidan Scott

Prodigy PX-3 - 300 Fractal Aidan Scott

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Aidan Scott 2024 Signature Series Limited Edition

This limited edition Prehistoric Postage Stamp Ambopteryx design helps support Aidan on his 2024 tour.

The PX3 is a beaded putter that is useful for accurate, consistent throws. It's great for driving off the tee and putting and upshots. The true versatility comes from its decent glide, then reliable overstable finish that kicks in at the end of its flight. The overstability helps the PX-3 resist turnover for power players.

300 Fractal Plastic: A splash of colour on this semi-premium plastic makes it stand out. This plastic has great grip, decent durability but still can be beaten in over time.


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