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RPM Pekapeka - Glow Bird Skull F2

RPM Pekapeka - Glow Bird Skull F2

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Factory 2nd X-Out: Slight blisters in the underside of this plastic that do not effect flight.

The Pekapeka is an understable fairway driver that allows players to work the disc from left to right on a RHBH throw. What that means is power players will find this disc flips up from hyzer and finishes straight or right depending on how much oomph they put into it. More beginner and those with less distance will find this disc to throw flex lines that still finish a bit right of center. This is also a great roller disc. The compact rim makes this disc extremely comfortable for more compact hands.

Pekapeka is the Māori name for the New Zealand long and short tailed bat. This is New Zelaand's only native land mammal!

RPM Atomic Glow: A stiffer premium glow featuring good brightness and longevity.


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