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Streamline Jet - Neutron Tour Dreams

Streamline Jet - Neutron Tour Dreams

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Limited Edition "Tour Dreams" Stamp

Are you ready to embark on a dream disc golf journey? Get ready for the ultimate disc golf experience, putting yourself in the grassy fairways of renowned courses with the sun on your face and the wind carrying your disc to the perfect lie. Art by: Sue Ula // GolfDisco


The Streamline Jet is an understable driver. In fact, it is widely considered one of the easiest to throw long distance drivers for beginners looking to step up their game. As new players are reaching to high speed drivers and pushing the limits of their lower speed disc, the Jet will help them learn flip up shots and shaping further distances. This disc is straight in tailwinds and still controllable with mild headwinds.

Neutron Plastic: Premium plastic with bright colors, great grip and slow wear.


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