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Thought Space Muse - Nerve 2nd Run

Thought Space Muse - Nerve 2nd Run

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The Muse is a stable beadless putter by TSA that has a straight release and dependable end fade. Players can attack the chains with confidence. Longer throws will have moderate fade and reserved glide to help the disc land close to its target without overshooting.

Floral Tiger Stamp: Well executed putts are a thing of beauty, gracefully flying through the air while connecting the metal target with a loud CHING. But, in competition, they are also a means to instill aggression and dominance as you fight and claw your way to victory. The "Floral Tiger" design shows both sides of this putting dynamic. An enchanting wave of floral beauty hides the prowling tiger attacking the chains.

Nerve Plastic: A grippy base plastic that blends durability and slight flexibility.


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