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Thought Space Synapse - Nebula Ethereal Matt Bell

Thought Space Synapse - Nebula Ethereal Matt Bell

12 5 -1.5 3
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When it comes to distance and accuracy, why make a choice? The Thought Space Athletics Synapse is the first disc from TSA in the Pro Distance Driver slot. It's stable enough for big arm speeds and headwinds, but has enough turn that it doesn't feel like a pure meathook. This is the disc for long bomb accuracy and reliability and for huge S-curve flights.

Featured with Matt Bell limited edition stamp. Matt Bell hit a very high payout ace with this disc! Well, maybe not this exact disc, that would be odd (and he lives in another country so I'm not sure how we would even logistically acquire his exact disc). But we meant with this disc mold. You know what we're talking about. Right? Anyways, this is a great disc, sure to improve your game, buy it, marketing, etc.


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