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Westside Harp - Moonshine Ricky Wysocki

Westside Harp - Moonshine Ricky Wysocki

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The Westside Harp is a reliable overstable putt and approach disc. Lauded by Ricky Wysocki, the Harp is the kind of disc a pro player could use as their main approach disc. It can carry any arm speed and still hyzer out. For lower arm speeds this disc will be incredibly overstable and always go left on a right hand back hand throw. Make this the most reliable disc in your bag!

Featured in Modern Moonshine Glow plastic - substantially brighter and more long lasting than prior Moonshine blends. A substantial portion of this Ricky Wysocki Sockibomb stamp disc goes to support Ricky's touring efforts.

Moonshine 2022: Reinvented glow plastic with superior brightness and longevity. Moonshine has good grip and moderate stiffness. 


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