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Westside Stag - VIP-X Chameleon Matty-O

Westside Stag - VIP-X Chameleon Matty-O

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Matt Orum Team Series: Support Matty-O on his tour by purchasing this disc!

The Stag is an ideal choice for a wide range of players, thanks to its balanced stability level and compact rim shape. It allows for reliable and controlled throws that will perform consistently in the hands of any user. This disc is the perfect solution for fairway drives, with a slight right-turn for lower-power throws and a dependable hyzer for more experienced players. Throw it on any line and watch it fly, or push it into a turnover to get around some awkward corners. The Stag will help you become the scramble beast.

VIP-X Chameleon: A grippy premium plastic with a reflective shimmer that gives these discs a slight colour change effect. VIP-X tends to err on the side of more overstable than regular VIP.


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