Collection: Halloween 2023 Pre-Order

MVP Discs has a smash hit for Halloween 2023 with a bunch of special edition Glow discs.

  • Axiom Hex, limited edition Total Eclipse 2.0 plastic. Both the rim and core are featured in color glow. This straight to stable flying mid range comes with four unique Axolotl costume stamps: Dracula, Elvis, Skeleton and Viking
  • Axiom Crave, in R2 Glow Neutron plastic. This disc features a spooky black inner core with a color glow rim. Sarah Hokem returns from beyond to save the game
  • MVP Nomad, in R2 Glow Neutron plastic. James Conrad has so much hair that he's featured as the Wereman!
  • Axiom Proxy, in Total Eclipse 2.0. Looking for something lighter this Halloween? Not a fan of spooky scary sekeltons? This design features trippy waves and beautiful flowers on a color glow backdrop.
  • MVP Watt, maybe this is not a special edition glow disc, but it'll be back just in time for Halloween. Say Watt?